Forex Trading Signal Service Comparison – Who is the best?


This article on Forex Trading Signal Service Comparison will highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of the top signal service providers in their industry! We will try to find out which one is the best and why they are the best! Let’s check out!

What is Forex Trading Signal Service?

Any individual or organization providing forex trading signals to their subscribers are called Forex Trading Signal Service.

Who are the most popular Forex Signal services?

There are lots of Forex Signal services out there. We are going to compare some of the top trading signal authorities in this article.

Forex Trading Signal Service Comparison

Here is a comparison table of the top forex signal providers:



ForexPipsSignal FxMarketLeaders Signals24 Forex Profita
Number of Daily Signals 25+ 20+ 15-20 12-15
Daily Average profit 250+ 250 200 200
Winning rate 72% 75% 70% 80%
Money Management Moderate Moderate General Strong
Support hours 24 12 24 12
Complain handling After a certain time Instant After a certain time Instant
Number of Pairs 4 8 8 9
Minimum Price 10 40 50 30
Live char support No No No YES

Recommended Forex Trading Signal Service

So, what you think? What service we are goanna recommend here? Definitely, our first choice will be Forex Profita! This site is being called Best Forex signal Service by hundreds of users world wide! Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. 12 hours signal service:

A signal service shows all the collective data in the month end performance. That means all the wins and losses are calculated, then amount of loss is deducted from the amount of gain, thus we get how many pips the signal service helps us to make per month. Here is a thing you should look at – if the signal service provided 24 signals, will you be able to catch all the signals? Suppose, the signal service made 4000 pips gain in one year and lost 1000 pips. Thus they gained 3000 pips. That’s really great! But, what if you caught all the losing trades? What if the winning signals are given at the times when you are not active? Are you going to make 3000 pips like the signal service made? Of course not! So, 24 hours signal service is not a very good idea at all! It is far better if a service is providing 12 hours signals and getting 2000 pips profit per month.

  1. Live Performance record

Forex Profita shows live performance record of all trades in their website. So, you can predict their every trade decisions and find out if they are really profitable signal service.

  1. Strong Money Management

Forex Profita has a strong money management system in place. They always try to minimize the risk and maximize the outcome of a trade decision. Without strong money management, you can to think of winning on regular bases.

  1. 12 hours live chat support

Unlike other Forex Trading signal services, Forex Profita has a live chat support option active for 12 hours every day. You can chat with their support managers if you have anything to ask or if you have any problems. You can chat using website chatting system or in skype.

  1. Most Accuracy & Guaranteed Profit

Forex trading signal service- Forex Profita has a wealth of industry experience with their Forex signals which is generated by their team of analysts using proven trading strategies and well-structured technical analysis. In Forex Profita, some of the world’s most profitable traders are working right now. The subscribers make their fee back in their first few trades! They also guarantee a steady profit.

  1. Affordable Pricing

Another Good thing is that you can subscribe for signals spending only 100 USD with Forex Profita. You also have a chance to subscribe in a trial package spending only $30. You subscribe with Forex Profita and increase your trading income while spending less time watching the market.

  1. Profit with Minimum Risk

One aspect of Forex Profita that has attracted many a traders is the profit making opportunity with absolutely minimum risk! As I have already said they have a good money management technique that they strictly follow, you can easily rely on their signal and relax yourself! Though Forex Profita doesn’t guarantee a huge profit overnight, but you will get a steady income. They trade with minimum risk and grab the best trading opportunities.

  1. Trusted by Thousands

What if you could get immediate access to life-altering profits day after day? Thousands of traders are getting benefited with huge profit following Forex Profita signals. They trust this site because they are getting continuous winning results.

A few Final Words

All these 4 signal services are good enough to help you to get profit which is proved already. They are providing accurate signals to the members. But we would prefer Forex Profita above all. Visit the website: to find out more!