FXCL is offering B2B (Bonus to Balance). Add funds to your account during the period April 01-30 and get rewarded with an 80% gift to the credit of your account. Want to withdraw your bonus? Make it twice faster than ever! Trade and complete at least half of the required volume and feel free to cash out your rebate.


  • You have funded your account with $100
  • You sent an email bonus request to rebate@fxclearing.com and received an $80 credit
  • Trade 10% from your bonus size ($80×10%= 8 lots) to have it cashed in full automatically
  • If you have completed 4 lots, $40 already can be moved to your balance on your demand
  • Remember: the more you trade, the bigger part of your credit can be withdrawn!


The promotion is available between April 01 — 30, 2016 There is no lower limit on your withdrawn amount When transferring part of your bonus to the balance, the remaining part of the credit will be annulled The bonus may be active on several accounts simultaneously Bonus limit per trader is $2,000 The Bonus automatically expires 120 days after being issued Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply.

Read more: https://www.fxclearing.com/promotions/b2b-bonus