Inglorious End of Yahoo


Yahoo’s Inglorious End(NYSE: BABA) would probably have gone belly up years ago.

Amazing note: Yahoo is being sold for just four times what he paid for Tumblr, which then led Yahoo on the floor.

And now, charred remains of Yahoo are being bought by Verizon (NYSE: VZ) for less than one-tenth the price of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) offered almost a decade ago. Do not let the menu fool you: although showing share price of Yahoo is the same as in January 1999 (which in itself is quite depressing), virtually all of the value of this price is represented by the investment Alibaba above. They were lucky, as the CEO Marissa Mayer, who is to give a prize of $ 300 million just by hanging long enough to get the company sold time.

Yahoo’s Inglorious End